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Bone care for pets-The Ultimate guide

Bone-related issues become a cause of great pain and discomfort for the pets. So, pets' bone care is very important to keep bone diseases at bay even as they age. Here it’s important to know that pets have the same requirements as humans when it comes to ensuring good bone health but the strategy to meet these requirements varies.

Here are five ways to ensure good bone care for pets:

Feed them high-quality commercial food

Pet’s diet plays a vital role in maintaining good bone health. Make sure that the commercial food that you buy for your pet has all the necessary nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D for healthy bones. If your pet is already dealing with any bone-related issue then there could be a need to alter the diet accordingly. To assess your pet’s specific nutritional requirements; it’s always good to consult a good veterinary doctor who would also share recommendations regarding the best commercial food for your pet.

Balanced Home-cooked meals

Some people prefer feeding their furry friends with home-cooked meals rather than commercial ones. It’s fine until these meals provide an appropriate nutritional balance. So, if you choose to go for home-cooked meals for your dog then it’s always recommended to have these meals formulated by a veterinary nutritionist. Also, even if you are feeding your pet adequate calcium via home-cooked meals; know that Vitamin D is essential in regulating calcium. Each nutrient plays a significant role and must be given within the recommended range.

Feeding apt portion size

Overeating leads to joint problems in dogs. During developing stage, dogs tend to overeat which causes lasting joint related issues in dogs. This can be avoided by fixing a portion size for each meal so that they are neither too full nor starving. You can also opt for supplements if recommended by veterinarian in view of some lacking nutrients in the pet’s diet.

Regular exercise

Just like regular exercise and being active are essential for human health; pets also need to have an active lifestyle to keep their bones in healthy condition. Regular walks and occasional runs in the park can play a vital role in ensuring good bone health.

Big NO for bone building supplements

Supplements can never be a substitute for nutrient-enriched meals. So, if you have been thinking that adding bone-building supplements to a dog’s diet can help ensure good bone health then you are certainly wrong. As you know, the essential nutrients for pets' bone care are vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus. So, a diet rich in these nutrients is the best way to ensure healthy bones in pets. However, if your pet is already struggling with some bone or joint-related issues then omega-3 fatty acid supplements can prove beneficial.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to ensure good bone care for your dear pets. If you ever notice any discomfort in your pet’s movement then immediately consult a veterinary doctor who can do a proper diagnosis and offer an apt solution through dietary changes and the addition of necessary supplements. You can visit the nearest MaxPetZ clinic and consult with our experienced vets.

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