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Consultation for pets


Just like human beings ensure they get regular health check-ups and maintenance through visits to the dentist or even the salon or spa, our pets too need periodic consultations with trained professionals to make sure that they remain healthy, clean and happy.

At MaxPetZ, our team provides expert consultations and is dedicated to overall well-being of your pets. Regular, timely consultations are necessary for the early detection of any medical or physical ailments and also to keep your pet well groomed.

Early detection of medical conditions is often the best means of making sure that any issues do not progress to painful, dangerous or even life-threatening severity, which apart from being unpleasant and stressful can lead to expensive medications, treatments or even invasive surgical procedures. 

Routine consultations will allow you to stay on top of your pet's health and needs, and if treatment is necessary, it can be completed in a more effective manner with better outcomes.

In addition to early detection when things go wrong or preventing them from going wrong in the first place, regular consultations allow us to perfectly customise care for your pets. From specialised handling of the youngest puppies and kittens to the in-depth care of senior dogs and even the most ornery cats, at MaxPetZ, each patients receives the care and consideration best suited to their needs.

Even if your pet seems healthy, they may be suffering from a condition that may not exhibit worrisome symptoms until it has progressed. Since your furry companions can’t tell you when something is wrong, our team of experienced professionals at MaxPetZ are well equipped to diagnose any issues, and can even advise you on things like the right type of food, correct shampoo, or just the appropriate time for your pet’s next haircut or nail clipping.

A healthy pet is a happy pet, and a happy pet is just what all of us want to see!

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