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Medicines for pets


In addition to our on-site grooming centre, all MaxPetZ clinics have a pharmacy on the premises which dispenses essential and specialist medication for all your pets needs. Our team understands the immense value in easy access to life-saving medicines and medical equipment, and are pharmacists can fill any prescription in a matter of minutes.

Our inventory is specially curated and constantly updated to cater to a wide range of needs, from preventative and lifestyle medicines to prescription pills and tonics for a variety of conditions. Our pharmacy also carries a number of different brands in order to cater to any requirements and budgets. Each brand in the MaxPetZ pharmacy portfolio is trusted by vets and practitioners around the world and are the best in their class across all products.

Our entire stock is obtained from reputed and licensed providers to ensure authenticity and the highest quality products ranging from skin ointments to tick and flea treatments, heart and blood pressure medication to joint supplements, joint supplements, gastrointestinal medicines and more.

Our prescribing veterinarians will always be well acquainted with your pet and therefore are perfectly equipped to know exactly what they need to make sure they remain in the best health always and our pharmacists and chemists have the expert knowledge and experience needed to make sure the right prescriptions are correctly filled at each instance and to make informed recommendations if required.

Our range of medicines and supplements include:

  • Flea and Tick preventives

  • Heartworm preventives

  • Joint Supplements

  • Skin and Coat care

  • Gastrointestinal medication

  • Dental care

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