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Physio And Rehab for pets

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for Animals

At MaxPetZ, we have been providing animal physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for over two decades. Our team of specialists has extensive experience in physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and various complementary therapies, including acupuncture, massage, and laser therapy Our comprehensive range of treatments is customized to meet the individual rehabilitation needs of your pet. Furthermore, our specialists ensure to stay abreast of the latest research in animal rehabilitation. By doing this, we have successfully aided numerous pets to regain their abilities and improve their quality of life.

Our expertise covers various areas of animal physiotherapy, including:

  • Orthopaedic injuries and surgeries

  • Spinal injuries and surgeries

  • Chronic conditions such as arthritis

  • Custom orthotics and prosthetics

Our physiotherapy treatments encompass a wide range of modalities, such as:

  • Soft tissue and joint mobilizations

  • Soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release

  • Stretching exercises

  • Strengthening activities

  • Movement re-education

  • Balance and proprioception re-training

  • Electrotherapy and Laser therapy

  • Heat and ice treatment

  • Dry needling

  • Custom orthotics and prosthetics

  • Prescription bedding

  • Assistive harnesses

  • Wheelchairs

  • Hydrotherapy

During your pet's initial visit, we conduct a thorough assessment to determine the affected body parts and the impact on their overall mobility and function. We then discuss our findings with you and, based on your input, establish treatment goals and create a personalized rehabilitation plan tailored to your pet's specific needs. 

We utilize a variety of treatments to help your pet embark on their journey to recovery.

In addition to in-clinic treatments, we emphasize the importance of continued rehabilitation at home. We provide you with a comprehensive home exercise and walking program, along with guidelines for exercise restrictions, to ensure your pet can continue working towards their rehabilitation goals.

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