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Food and accessories for pets


Our pet shop is well stocked with food, toys and accessories to cater to all your pets’ needs. From regular wet and dry food for furry friends of all ages, from pups to geriatric dogs, cat food, bird seed and a whole host of yummy treats to specialised food for specific diets such as renal, gastro or joint mobility diets, you will find everything in one place at MaxPetZ.

We take the upmost care to source our inventory from top reputed brands and cater to a variety of special needs including organic pet food. Our treat options are healthy and delicious, and we even carry CBD infused treats for those who need them. Our food is free from preservatives and ingredients that may be harmful to your pets and it also tastes good, ensuring that your pet eats their food with joy and maintains a healthy weight and a happy demeanour.

Our accessories are stylish and functional, and our range includes beds, clothing, collars and leashes, harnesses, toys, grooming tools dental aids and transport solutions. As every pet is unique and has their own needs, our accessory collection is vast and capable of serving almost any pet requirement.

Pet toys are important to keep pets well exercised, stimulated both mentally and physically and to use up some of their endless energy. Where necessary, toys may also be effectively used as behavioural assistance to train your pets.

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