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Hydrotherapy for pets


Swimming and hydrotherapy are extremely effective in the treatment of several orthopaedic conditions, as post-surgical or post-injury rehabilitation, for mobility and joint-related problems in older pets or even simply to help a slightly overweight pet lose weight.

MaxPetZ prides itself on being one of the only veterinary facilities in India to have its own hydrotherapy underwater treadmills for use by patients.

The underwater treadmill allows dogs to walk in a safe and controlled environment at a prescribed pace and for a pre-determined period of time without any impact or pressure on joints due to the buoyancy of the water. Pace, time and intensity of the exercise can be precisely controlled and increased as required to ensure the most effective rehabilitation, gait-retraining or strengthening for your pet.

Benefits hydrotherapy include the earlier commencement of rehabilitative movement after injury or surgery, leading to shorter recovery time. Strengthening and growth of muscles can be accelerated in a safe and controlled manner while gradually loading joints to bear weight. Improved overall fitness and prolonged mobility in older or frail patients and the re-education of normal gait where needed.

Before hydrotherapy is prescribed, a thorough screening and assessment is carried out. In addition, MaxPetZ patients can access complementary therapies such as acupuncture, cold laser therapy and remedial massage therapy if it is required.

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