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Exotic Pet Med

Exotic Pet Med

Exotic pets typically refer to species other than cats and dogs which may be domesticated at kept as companion animals. These commonly include species like rabbits, birds and Guinea pigs, each of which require specialized veterinary care and tailor-made treatments. 

Our expert veterinarians and MaxPetZ have extensive knowledge and years of experience dealing with exotic pets, but this is still a very complex area of veterinary medicine due to the special needs of these animals. 

Equipment, medication and every procedure commonly used with dogs and cats are not suitable for exotic animals and as such they require customized facilities. This leads to their care and treatment being extremely expensive and often difficult to obtain, particularly in emergency situations.

At MaxPetZ we always have the animals’ best interests at heart and our team is specially trained to successfully manage and treat exotic animals, from routine check-ups to drawing samples for testing, administering medications, identifying problems, grooming, dental care and even surgery.

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