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Surgery for pets


As part of our comprehensive and holistic approach to veterinary medicine, MaxPetZ provides access to a vast array of surgical procedures at our own state-of-the-art centres which are fully equipped with operating rooms. 

Our team of veterinary surgeon have decades of surgical experience and have successfully performed highly complex and sensitive surgeries over the years.

From routine spaying/neutering procedures to arduous orthopaedic, neurological and cardiac surgeries, at MaxPetZ we ensure that your pets get the very best care possible. Each of our surgeons are specialists in their chosen field and are able to leverage the latest technology and advancements in the field of veterinary surgery through continued study, learning and upskilling.

Our approach to surgery is holistic and we believe that every surgery must be approached individually, bearing in mind the nature of the ailment, the animal in question, breed, size, age, underlying conditions, possible complications, temperament and mental state of the pet, recovery time, human/carer support and more. We are also keenly aware of the interdependency of the body on the sum of its parts and are careful to bear in mind that the body must be treated and healed as a whole.

Finally, we pay detailed attention to cleanliness and hygiene both inside and outside the operating theatre, adhering to surgical best practices and global healthcare standards. 

We work in tandem with our four-legged patients’ human families and caregivers to explain the procedures being undertaken, appropriate post-surgical care, recovery times, medications required and any additional lifestyle changes or steps that need to be taken in the best interests of the pet patient.

Our immediate post-op recovery and care is par excellence with a post-surgery infection rate of less than 1% across all our clinics in India. Post-surgical patients are cared for by our expert team in our in-patient ward. The ward is fully staffed 24/7 and all our patients are closely monitored until they are ready to go home. All follow-up visits are also scheduled and comprehensive guidance is provided for home care to guarantee a quick and safe recovery.

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