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Emergency care for pets


In the same way as human’s our pets too can face emergency situations relating to their health and wellbeing. From accidents to allergies, respiratory distress, injuries or even strokes and cardiac events, pets can experience similar medical crises to human beings with the additional side-effect of a communication barrier.

At MaxPetZ, we understand the value and the immeasurable importance of top quality emergency care and each of our clinics across India is fully equipped to handle any kind of veterinary emergency. 

Our highly skilled team of veterinarians are specially trained in emergency medicationand our facilities provide access to advanced life-saving treatments.

In addition to the emergency care provided at MaxPetZ, we believe that it is equally crucial for pet parents to have adequate knowledge about handling emergencies and health crises in the immediate aftermath. 

From maintaining a properly stocked pet First-aid kit, to knowing how to transport and injured pet or how to handle an accidental poisoning or allergic reaction, the right information can be the difference between saving the of of your pet or having to face the worst-case scenario.

Our team at every MaxPetZ centre is able and willing to provide guidance on how to build a pet First-aid kit, what allergy medications may be required by your pet, how to treat heatstroke or hypothermia, techniques for pet CPR, stabilising fractures for transport, dealing with stroked or seizures, administering medications and most importantly, steps that can be taken to mitigate or minimise the risk of preventable emergencies from occurring in the first place.

Our resources and expertise are always available to each of our clients and our team is willing to sit down and discuss comprehensive emergency care solutions at any time.

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