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This is Caruxul and we’ve been coming here for about six months and this is my first time here but my husband was bringing him here and  MaxPetZ  has been great! She was a little sick when she came in but she’s healing very good. Now we’re here to take other services we will continue coming here. So, we appreciate everything MaxPetZ does.
I’m Raghav and this is my baby Duxter he’s here he just had surgery. For a long time like most cities in India, we don’t have good vet facilities Delhi was the star for one. It’s great that MaxPetZ provides all the facilities in one don’t need to go get an X-Ray somewhere place is clean, doctors are very nice they’re very informative. So, we had a great experience have been coming here for the last 6-7 years both my dogs are in safe hands.
We have been coming to MaxPetZ for I think over 12 years. We started to come to visit Dr Kunal for my previous lab Simba. I think that he is one of the most caring vets I would say. I had a lovely experience with MaxPetZ . I feel that he gains that personal attention to the dogs and pets that they actually require and I would recommend everyone to come here, come to him. It’s been a wonderful experience and amazing facilities and it’s like a one-stop place for everyone. So if you ever need anything or any help from any vet, I think MaxPetZ is the place to go.

Pet: Caruxul 


Raghav & Duxter

Riya Sharma & Vivi

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