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Travelling with your Dog-A complete guide

Travelling with your dog can be exciting and fun. But you must do all the preps beforehand to avoid any hassles while on the trip. Careful planning and keeping some important tips in mind can make the travel experience a lot more enjoyable for you as well as your furry friend. Read on:

The dog’s health and safety must be first priority while planning a trip with them. So keep the following points in mind:

  • Before planning any trip with your dog, visit a veterinarian for the dog’s health check-up. Get the health certificate from the vet if you are planning airline travel.

  • All your dog's vaccinations must be up to date and don’t forget to carry the record of the same.

  • Carry enough supply of your dog’s regular food and medicines (if any) to ensure they eat well during the trip and stay healthy.

  • Carry a dog crate to keep your dog safe in the car. It is also a necessity if you are planning to travel by air. Don’t forget to stock the crate with all your dog’s essentials like its favorite toy, a dog water bottle, etc.

Now, let’s have a look at the important points to keep in mind while choosing different modes of travel as well as booking a hotel.

Travelling with your dog via Car

  • Accustom your dog to car travel by taking it on short rides so that long travel hours for the trip do not make them uneasy.

  • Car sickness in dogs can be avoided by ensuring that they travel on empty stomachs. However, do ensure a good amount of water intake.

  • Ensure good ventilation in the car as well as the dog crate.

  • Make sure that the dog does not pop its head out of the window.

  • Ensure regular potty breaks for your dog while traveling by car.

  • Never leave your dog unattended or alone in a closed vehicle, especially during summer.

Traveling with your dog via Airplane

  • The dog must be 8 weeks old and weaned for airline travel.

  • It’s important to provide Certification of the dog’s health to the airline 10 days before travel. So visit the veterinarian well in time to get the same. Also, don’t forget to carry the rabies and vaccination certificates of your dog.

  • Based upon your dog’s health condition and vet’s advice; you can decide if the dog must be tranquilized for air travel.

  • Each airline has specific regulations and services concerning dog’s travel. So, make sure to read all the guidelines beforehand to avoid any hassle at the time of travel.

  • Make your dog’s airline reservation exactly at the time of making yours. This is because each flight has a fixed number of animals permitted to travel. It’s completely based on a first come, first serve basis.

Pet Friendly Hotels for trips with your dog

  • Book a hotel that allows dogs as well as provides all the necessary facilities for the pet’s comfortable stay.

  • Make sure that your dog does not trouble the hotel staff or other guests.

  • Keep your dog as quiet as possible.

  • Make sure that your dog does not cause any harm to the hotel’s property.

  • Ask the management where you should take your dog for a walk and make sure to clean the mess thereafter.

We hope this blog post acquainted you with all the necessary information about traveling with your dog. And believe us it's great fun too but only if you are well prepared at each step. And don’t forget to visit MaxPetZ for your dog’s regular health check-up as well as vaccination schedule.

Call 8448449955, to book your consultation or vaccination appointment.

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